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5 Easy Steps to Commitment:

  1. Communication is key: not to little, not to much, but you have to be able to speak about each other’s desires, needs, feelings, and even to open up about conflict, emotions, pet peeves.  Listen to and really take in what you’re hearing.  When you communicate to your partner, it doesn’t have to be a right or wrong, it should be from your perspective and how it makes you feel: “It hurts me when you disregard my emotions,” for example.  
  2. Have an open heart: you can’t hold on to the past- past relationships, breakups, hurt, trust issues…even if your current relationship has had a break, you’ll have to look beyond those hang-ups and forward to the light that has come after the storm.
  3. Respect is your resource: Set boundaries, restrictions, limitations.  You have to respect yourself, your emotions and desires, your body, and your partner.  You need to mutually respect each other and everything mentioned in #1 Communication.  
  4. Be In It To Win It: You have to face the obstacles- trust issues, commitment phobias…we all have our issues, traumas…the scars on our hearts, and you will have to push past hurdles.
  5. Keep Your Identity and Image: Don’t become codependent. You found each other as individuals with your own likes, dislikes, and interests.  You can’t become your lovers pet, twin, or world, you have to be partners who share each others lives but also still have separate “me time,” interests, friends, etc.  Your partner was also attracted to you physically, so don’t let your appearance change drastically, get too comfortable too fast…no, he doesn’t like your house dress, hair curlers, and slippers.


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