Linda Ray

“My Journey and Mission is to help YOU understand who you are and what you are capable of. Help you connect with your mission and life path. Provide you with the best guidance to evolve spiritually and empower you to discover your purpose – live the life you love.

About Linda Ray

Linda Ray knows she is living out her mission and purpose. She discovered it at an early age when she had an angelic visitation informing her of every detail of her previous lives, her mission in this life, and how to use the gifts she had received that day. Her spiritual awakening advanced her to the divine light. The spiritual passages had opened to her connection with Earth Plane Guardians, Archangels, and the ability to an open communication with the other side where the angels reside (and the loved ones who have passed).

Spiritual Beings

We are all spiritual beings here on Earth, each with a divine purpose, soul path, and a mission to live out. Some of us have soul mates that we are meant to be throughout our lives or a twin flame that we share a time period with. Some of us are here to achieve a very successful journey of wealth and success, and some of us are here to help others with the gifts we have received.

If we do not find our pathways and have wandered into unwanted situations, we may have entered into a sad and dark place. Repeating itself over and over. 

Are You living out your purpose? Are You on the soul path intended for you? Are You with your soul mate or twin fame?
You are NOT here by accident, your destiny directed you to find spiritual answers from divine beings, spirit guides, and guardian angels.

Heal. Empower. Manifest.

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