Reading Services

Relationship Life Coaching, Angel Channeling, Angel Card Sessions, Spiritual Healing, Reaching Past Loved ones and more…

All sessions provided here are performed by phone, Skype, and chat apps.

Troubled Lovers Reconnecting Session

Medium Linda Ray has resolved marriage and relationship issues throughout the years at a higher success rate than the psychology field. Session includes:

  • Spiritual Emotional Balancing, addressing both partner’s issues and pain
  • Angelic Channelling
  • Relationship Coaching

Divine Vibes Connection Healing

Connect with your mission and purpose on this life path and discover messages from the Higher Beings and Earth Plane Guardians.

  • Divine Guidance on Decision-Making
  • Explore Past lives
  • Connect with Your Mission and Purpose
  • Direction on Advancing Career and Business
  • Clarity and Focus for Peace Within

Angel Card Reading

Linda Ray connects with your angels to hear what they need you to know. Angels use the divine deck to answer questions, giving guiding steps to handle an issue, or even just reassure you on a topic.

Angelic Reiki Healing

Angelic Reiki is a very powerful divine energy, which is passed through me as a channel to filter energy from Archangels and Spirit Guides. The subject will receive a down-pour of divine energy.

Connect with the soul to allow divine transformations to take place and bring clarity and focus to one’s life path. Balance the mind, body, and spirit – bring harmony and well-being.

Divine Chakra Healing/ Cleansing

The seven chakras are the centers of our bodies. Discover which chakras are blocked and find balance. Optimize the body’s energy and health, learn how your body’s natural spiritual energy affects health and wellness.


PureBioenergy is a non-medical healing modality that is uniquely simple and effective, painless, and non-invasive. PureBioenergy is free of pharmaceuticals, client friendly for adults, children, and animals. It is highly structured using precise protocols for specific conditions and straightforward in its approach.

Mix and Match Session

Your sessions don’t need to be black or white. Linda Ray can use different modalities to assure that you gain the answers you seek. Sessions can include Reiki, Card readings, Chakra healings, and more. When choosing a mixed modality session, be sure to tell Linda Ray which modalities you would like to focus on.

angel reading party in south florida

Angel Parties

Interested in having something different for a friendly get together with your friends? Why not try an Angelic Psychic Reading for everyone attending your gathering?

Host an at home party/event that requires you to provide the space, invites, and refreshments.

Just a few of our themes:

  • How to channel Arc Angels to Heal, Empower and Manifest your dreams.
  • How will you know when you met your soul mate.
  • Renewing love in a bad relationship.
  • When letting go of a destructive relationship is the answer.
  • Creating your unique handmade pendulum and learning how to utilize its amazing powers.
  • Learn to make daily decisions based on answers from your pendulum
  • Become a certified Angel Medium, and start your at home business
  • Pet parties, learn how to telepathically communicate with your dog or cat. Locate pain, unhappiness, etc
  • How to create your own personal salt cure to cleanse your home of negative stars.

Make a great profit per event. So call us to incorporate some exciting news.